11 June 2012 @ 11:23 PM

[ARSENAL/ATTACK] Super Power Moa Cannon & Moa Tornado.

Moa Roader’s top piece was called the Cannon Head (キャノンヘッド; Kyanon heddo) and it was loaded with the Moa Cannon (モアキャノン; Moa kyanon). It was one of Ohranger Robo’s interchangeable helmets. Oh Pink would switch seats with Oh Red when the Moa Cannon was in use.

The Super Power Moa Cannon (超力モアキャノン; Chouriki moa kyanon) was simply a series of discharged energy blasts. It first appeared in episode 8.

During the fight with Bara Darts in episode 9, the Moa Cannon unleashed the Moa Tornado (モアトルネード; Moa toruneedo). Ohranger Robo spun around rapidly, generating a swirl of wind that knocked the enemy down.

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